One picture is of Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. The other is of fictional President Laura Roslin in the hit sci fi show Battlestar Galactica.

Uncanny, isn’t it?

UPDATE: One last side by side for your amusement, posted here

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4 thoughts on “Palinstar?

  1. That is because he is not an idiot. He actually knows what he is talking about. She states what the party wants as an end result, but not how to get there. Look her up on youtube, that will give you all the answers you need on why she gets so much “flak”. In tonight’s VP debate, she got the general’s name wrong in Afghanistan, and miss quoted him. Then she says Biden is wrong. She is a terrifying prospect of a leader. She knows nothing of politics and how to help America. All her folksy talk is insulting. Like she thinks just because she is talking simply and using down to Earth terms that excuses her inability to answer nearly any question asked. She just lacks knowledge, simple knowledge for anyone in the American government to know.

  2. LOL! Okay, Roslin is awesome. And Palin is a little spitfire. Both powerful women. Both beautiful women. And I’ll admit I’ve noted the Roslin-esque suits on Sarah …

    But nobody comes close to Mary McDonnell – for the record. ;-)

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